The main periods of birth

A pregnant woman, especially the one that the baby expects for the first time, is very difficult to understand when the childhood acts begin. Starting from about thirty-seven weeks, the future mother languishes unknown. When the childbirth will begin, how to behave like everything will pass. In this article we will look at everything related to the main periods of childbirth and tell you how to behave correctly.
The first phase of labor begins with the advent of regular battles. These are regular cuts in the uterus, which a woman feels like pulling, bogged pain at the bottom of the abdomen and lower back. If such contractions are repeated at the same time intervals, then this is the beginning of labor. If you are still not in the maternity hospital, then it's time to go there. But not only the appearance of contractions may indicate the beginning of the generic process. For example, a woman can strengthen the aircraft water and move the mucous plug. Although this mucus, which closes the clearance of the cervix, can move away and in a few days to start regular generic activities. If you have moved a mucous plug, there are no other signs of childbirth, then go to the maternity hospital is still early. But as soon as the contractions appeared, then you need to hurry. The contractions are necessary so that the cervix revealed at a sufficient distance, which will allow the baby to be born. As a rule, the full disclosure of the uterine occurs when the diameter of the hole reaches ten - twelve centimeters in diameter. Fights also lead to the fact that the intrauterine pressure increases. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that the placenta is broken, and the oily water is poured out of the vagina. The process of full opening of the cervix takes up quite a long time. In women who give birth for the first time, this period lasts about twelve hours. If a woman gives birth to repeatedly, the period of time is somewhat shrinking and can last about ten to eight hours.
The second period of childbirth begins with the appearance of fence. These are such reductions in the diaphragm and the abdominal wall, the main task of which is the pushing of the baby from the uterus by the generic paths. Other muscle groups are involved here than when fighting. In addition, the contractions are completely non-viable control from a woman. But the sweeps give birth can control. Therefore, the second stage of childbirth largely depends on the giving birth. During this period, you need to listen carefully to the doctor and act according to its instructions so that the childbirth process is successful.
It is also important at this stage to breathe correctly. Indeed, in the process of childbirth, the body of a woman and its baby need as much oxygen as possible. Therefore, now it is necessary to breathe correctly. The baby during childbirth is experiencing oxygen starvation, so you need to concentrate on providing a large influx of oxygen into the blood. This can help special respiratory facilities that future mommies are told on training courses for childbirth.
The third period of birth lies in the birth of the placenta in which the baby was located all nine months. Doctors explore it for integrity. And for you the process of childbirth is completed. The white house market has a simple set of rules to follow in order to ensure safety for buyers and sellers